Monday, December 14, 2015

2016 NFFS Sympo - Call For Articles

Call for Articles for the 2016 National Free Flight Society Symposium.
Every year  Free Flight modellers  receive an invitation to participate in the writing of that year’s Sympo.  Their response has been excellent, and this high degree of cooperation has continued through the nearly five decades of existence of the Sympo.  Free Flighters realize the importance of this volume, a volume that continues to define progress in the corner of aeromodelling that we have made our own.
Our time is a most exciting one, in positive and negative senses. Great technical developments abound, many new and superlative materials have been introduced, the flow of information has never been easier,  yet youth participation is low and the  confrontation with law and regulatory committees makes our flying more difficult every day.
We would like to reflect this mixed reality in the areas of interest and topics for articles that we suggest below. Throughout its history the Sympo  has been a unique tribune for technically minded authors, as it can offer more space, and a larger audience than any other alternative outlet. We encourage  contributions in this area.
Areas of interest 
1) Technical articles
Lost models, flight logging, energy or altitude limiters, timers, thermal detection, etc
Aerodynamics, Airfoils, Turbulators, Flight Simulation, etc
Combining theory and flight testing
2)    Electric Power
Everything, from the ground up ….
3) Materials, Structures and Construction:
New and Novel versus Tried and True
4) Promoting Participation
Social aspects:  flying alone, flying buddies, local clubs, special interest groups,         national and international organizations
Impact of rules and regulations
Pro Am format participation in contests
Flying fields: fields large and small – where are existing field and how to develop new ones
Synergy:  joint efforts with schools, national STEM programs, civic groups, etc
5) History, book and article excerpts
Discussing historic references of value
6) Scale Models
7)  Short and Long Range goals for NFFS
As defined by the President’s Message at end of volume
In addition to this list,  we would like to offer to interested  authors a longer list of possible subjects for articles. The list with these themes can be downloaded from the National Free Flight Society website (, or Free Flight Quarterly’s website (
You can contact  any of the members of the 2016 Sympo Editorial Team (e-mail addresses below) for further information and support.  The preferred medium of the article is electronic, text in .doc format and separate images in .jpg or .png formats. The Editorial Team is also requesting photographs of quality to supplement the articles, this is an appeal to the many keen photographers among us.

Louis Joyner        joyer28 at comcast dot net
Dave Lacey          adlacey at earthlink dot net
David Mills            davidmillsatl at gmail dot com
Sergio Montes       jsmontes-ffq at bigpond dot com
Chris Stoddart       chris.stoddart at gmail dot com