Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not a member of NFFS--The National Free Flight Society?

Don DeLoach, Editor of the U.S. National Free Flight Society's "NFFS Free Flight Digest" made the following announcement, valid for the year of 2011    

Announcing a *Special* offer for new members: two years for half price!

Roy Hanson has made a generous offer: He thinks so much of the NFFS and the its publication, the NFFS Free Flight Digest he is paying out of his own pocket HALF the cost of EVERY NEW member who signs up for two years.  $29 dollars gets you two years if you are 19 or older ; $9 dollars if you are younger.  Non-U.S.  members pay just $37.50 for two years. 
Each Digest issue is at least 40 pages, delivered six times a year.  Each issue is crammed with Free Flight how-to, plans, contest reports, photography and much more.   The Digest covers every aspect of Free Flight: AMA, Indoor, FAI, FAC, SAM, Nostalgia--the works.

If you are a former member who has let their membership lapse for a year or more, now is your chance to re-up for half price.   To make it easy, you can even hit the following link and use your credit card.