Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Extended Compilations and Books

The following books have been published:

   Free Flight Quarterly P30 Survey 2010 is based on the articles which appeared originally in two issues of Free Flight Quarterly in 2005.  It has been considerably enlarged with many articles  published at a later date in FFQ as well as in other publications (by permission).  The book includes a history of the beginnings of the P30 category, trends from the late 1970's to present day with models from around the world, full size plans for Marie II by John Kamla, and Pepito by Jean Francis Frugoli of France, and articles on topics such as airfoil selection, propellers and choice of motors for a given propeller selection.

   Insights on Dynamics of Rubber Powered FAI Models - In the last seven or eight years Jean Wantzenriether has contributed a large number of articles to Free Flight Quarterly on a variety of subjects, on model stability, on his trimming methods PGI and TOP, on the role and characteristics of the stab for gliders and rubber ships, and on the analysis of propellers for rubber powered models.  These articles in Free Flight Quarterly as well as a couple of others published in Germany and France have been collected in a single volume: " Insights on the Dynamics of Rubber Powered FAI Models". The presentation is more or less in chronological order and allows the reader to follow the development of his ideas. Jean's contention is that it is possible to have an efficient and stable rubber model without the need for "mechanics ", that is VIT, wing wigglers, etc. if  we understand better the interplay between the wing and stab characteristics. Thus his detailed study of the effect of stab aspect ratio on the climb and glide of rubber models and on the stability of gliders. Even for those that incorporate mechanical variation of incidence in the wing and stab, these ideas are of  great interest.

   The Art of Bill Henn - A collected volume of all the articles that Bill Henn has written for Free Flight Quarterly since 2001 along with information not included in those articles.  Section topics include Forward, Biography, Publications by Bill Henn, The Saga of the Chambermaid, Folkerts SK-3 racer, Goon by Art Chester, Focke-Wulf Ta 152H, Giant Scale Ta 152H, Spitfire MK XIV, Reggiane 2005, Helio Stallion, Messerschmitt Bf109H, Swiss EKW C-3603, Fiat G55, Arado E-530, Regianne Re 2005 Bifusoliero, Hints and Tips, Strategies for Winning.

   Coupe d'HIVER (F1G) Survey 2009 - This updated book now in two parts with a total of 112 pages and a full size plan of Andrew Lunghurst's Couper S comprises a great selection of articles and plans on the topic of modern and Vintage Coupes. Some of this material appeared in the April and July 2006 issues of Free Flight Quarterly and in the 2006 Coupe d'Hiver survey.

   The Great Gollywock Saga - A book devoted exclusively to the history, development and construction of this amazing model and its close brothers: the Jabberwock and the Dynamoe. The 60 pages in  two-column format familiar to readers of Free Flight Quarterly contain eleven chapters  that include:  Origins, Versions, Trimming and Flying, Motors and Propellers,  Timer installation, Airfoils, and Rival Designs.  Many people contributed generously of their time and expertise in the writing of this book.  Among them Gene Wallock describes his system of hinge construction for perfect folding, Al Pardue has written and illustrated a chapter on building, finishing and decorating a Gollywock, while David Mills examines a possible sibling to the Gollywock: the Ray Smith Mulvihill, adding  his recollection of an evening with Wally Simmers, and discoursing on the Simmers Dynamoe, and its excellent performance in the Moffett Trophy.  The book also includes a new full size plan for the Gollywock II version in three A3 sheets.